Teaching Aids & Reference

Teaching Aids & Reference

A collection of books on Teaching Aids & References

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  • 100 Ideas
    18 books that aim to enable teachers to teach selected fields, subjects and skills more effectively.
  • Amazing History
    6 books that look at the interesting bits of history.
  • Amazing Machines
    6 books that take an exciting look at a wide range of the world’s vehicles, with explanations of how they work.
  • I Want to Know About
    This series contains 15 books that aim to answer children's Who, What, Where, When & How questions about the world around us!
  • The Times Book of IQ...
    The Times Book of IQ Tests comprises of 5 books.
  • Inspire Lives
    These 12 books are about the people who shaped the world into what it is today.
  • Collins Instant Facts
    These 8 books provide Instant Facts in an alphabetical guide that is essential for 14-16 year olds around the world.
  • Know About Science
    This collection comprises 20 books that teach children everything they need to know about science.
  • Quiz Quest
    This compilation has 26 books that provides interesting facts about world religions to sports!
  • Biography
    45 books that gives you a peek into the lives of some of the most influential people of our time.
  • Great Brand Stories
    11 books that sets out to tell the inspiring stories of some of today's top brands.
  • Just Skills
    These 6 books provide a flexible set of teaching materials for use individually or in any combination to form an integrated course.
  • Write Your Own
    6 books suitable for 10-11 year olds interested in writing.
  • Clever Clogs
    A collection of 16 books under the Clever Clogs emblem that tells you everything there is to know about the world around you.
  • Tamil-Tamil-English...

    In this dictionary their explain meaning for 23 thousand tamil words in tamil and English with 1900 photos.

  • Creative Companies

    Inspiring young readers to become the entrepreneurs and businessmen of tomorrow

  • Rupa Quiz

    The Rupa Quiz Series books published by Rupa Publications.This books will create and assess your interest in quiz.

  • Our World

    This knowledge gives a series of information related to all aspects of the existence of this world.In Illustration with pictures and easy to understand.

  • English In Action

    Scholastic In Action series present language items in humorous graphics to make learning of the English language fun and effective. Each language item is explained clearly, followed by example sentences and then presented in a lighthearted comic strip.

  • IQ Books

    great fun for readers who like to boost brain power and do mental exercises.

  • Your Body Your Life

    This book examines how as our bodies develop, grow and then age, the types of exercise that are most suitable also change.

  • Disney Children’s...

    24 books that teach children everything they need to know about the world.

  • Question & Answer Series

    Go through these 101 strange, but true information to yourself and your listeners delight the listeners, too.

  • Amazing Fact Finder
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    Jalan Ladeni Para Pesaing Buat Mereka Tak Relevan Jika anda telah puas dengan kondisi bisnis anda yang sekadar bisa bertahan hidup, jangan membaca buku ini. Namun, jika anda ingin melakukan perubahan, menciptakan sebuah perusahaan bermasa depan menguntungkan bagi pelanggan, karyawan, pemegang saham, dan masyarakat, bacalah buku ini.

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    A complete collection of 18 books of teaching guides.

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    This collection comprises 11 books that focus on brands that have not only reaped huge profits for their owners, but also established themselves as icons of contemporary society.

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    This collection consists of 6 books that aim to help young budding writers on their way.

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    Check out gallons of jaw-dropping facts, silly stories and fantastic photos. Then pit your wits against some dastardly brain-boggling quizzes.

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    This collection of biographies is made up of 45 books.

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    26 books with everything and anything in them!

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    This collection comprises 8 books that provide 14-16 year olds with Instant Facts!

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    This collection is made up of 6 books for elementary learners, pre-intermediate learners and intermediate learners.

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    A collection of 6 history books that aim to make learning history a little more fun!

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    A collection of 6 books on vehicles that aim to make learning how things work exciting!

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    These 24 volumes form a one-stop reference library covering all the major topics that children need to know about – from events of the past to modern technology, from the natural world to scientific discoveries.

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