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Five O’Clock Tales

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Five O’Clock Tales is the 1st book in Enid Blyton's O'Clock Tales series.

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Dimensions (cm) :19.8 (H) x 12.5 (W) x 1 (D) x 0.12kg
ISBN :978-14-052-2847-3
Author :Enid Blyton
Publisher :Eurobooks
Type :Paperback

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  1. The Red and White Cow
  2. Potatoes in Her Stockings !
  3. The Prize Rabbit
  4. The Clock in the Wood
  5. The Peppermint Rock
  6. Knock, Knock !
  7. Brer Fox's Onions
  8. There and Back Again !
  9. Snapdragon Snippets
  10. Piggy's Prawns
  11. Oh, No, Brer Fox !
  12. The Top of the Wall
  13. A Busy Morning
  14. The Witch's Egg
  15. Now, Mr. Twiddle !
  16. Chestnut Prickles
  17. The Remarkable Doughnut
  18. The Wrong Side of the Bed
  19. The Stupid Little Girl
  20. Sammy's Hat
  21. The Bread and Milk
  22. The Sulky Sweets
  23. The Stupid Goblin
  24. The Boast That Came True
  25. Sly-One is Caught
  26. Timothy's Tooth
  27. The Four-Leaved Clover
  28. Tuppy and the Goblins
  29. The Handkerchief Cap
  30. The Five Lost Beans
  31. The Wishing Balloon
  32. The Little Stickleback
  33. Who? Who? Who?
  34. Good Old Jock!
  35. The Little Sugar Boy
  36. The Very Old Kettle
  37. Sally Simple and Mister Cheatle
  38. The Grateful Pig
  39. What a Frown Did
  40. The Careless Kangaroo
  41. Brer Rabbit Plays Blind Man's Buff
  42. The Birthday Kitten
  43. The Three Hunters
  44. Pitter-Patter's Dance
  45. Well, Really, Amelia!
  46. The Brownie and the Witch
  47. Grunt! Grunt!
  48. Brer Rabbit Plays Ball
  49. The Limping Dog
  50. The Spider and the Frog
  51. The Little Bird
  52. The Bunch of Carrots
  53. Little Miss Dreamy
  54. Mr. Twiddle's Good Deed
  55. Brer Fox's New Suit
  56. The Two Cats
  57. Little Suck-a-Thumb
  58. Lazy Kate
  59. Well, Really, Brer Rabbit!
  60. Little Black Bibs


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Five O’Clock Tales

Five O’Clock Tales

Five O’Clock Tales is the 1st book in Enid Blyton's O'Clock Tales series.

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