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BUDDHA Vol 6 : Ananda

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All Life is Sacred...

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Dimensions (cm) :14.8(W) x 19.4(H) x 2.8(D)
ISBN :9780007251605
Author :Osamu Tezuka
Publisher :HarperCollins Publishers
Type :Paperback
Pages :368

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As Kapilavastu burns and it's people are hunted down, an infants refugee- Ananda - is granted the gift of invincibility by Mara, an evil demon. Nurtured by the she-devil Ananda learns to use his power to become a fearsome bandit, honing his cruelty and selfishness before he is unleashed upon the demon's enemy : Buddha. 


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BUDDHA Vol 6 : Ananda

BUDDHA Vol 6 : Ananda

All Life is Sacred...

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